Erotic Art

The Starving Artist

The Mind of TSA

"Hi! Ho there! Hey there! Wait I said Ho. You said Ho! No wait, I did! Oh well, who cares! Hello and top of my body to you, the fans, the viewers that keep coming back to see... me! Of course you do. Don't be silly. I like looking at me too. Maybe it's the pink hair? Thank you!

Well goodness on a dildo, where to start? Oh yes, with TSA of course! Mr. Stormbringer gave me a nudge, I wont share where, but I did like it though. He's so forceful and all. Woops! Off subject! That's ok, because I can stroll you lazily through this dynamic site and its fantastic array of what I'll call the bronze situation! What does that mean? It means the work of TSA has that laid over golden bronze age to it with a hint of the unusual and maybe, well, is that an alien? Could be!

Its luscious turns and curves had me strolling extra slow today. From the forcing of gorgeous bodies to the Take it and grab it! of the males in these erotic pictures that made me want to grab a new pair of panties! If only I wore them. sigh But! You wont be left wanting in TSA's site, let me tell you. I sat for hours enjoying the view and remembering the day that... Oh wait! Thats pretty naughty of me.

Ahem! Back to the site. They seemingly are deliciously tattooed to brushed perfectly in an array of splashy designs that I just adored and wouldn't mind getting a hat like this one lady was wearing while that big chunk of manly muscled in-charge male was taking her by force! By FORCE! Oh my. Its all so hot. Come have a look. Don't miss how they bend and demand these women to their will. Don't miss the flavoring and the unique views of this Artist. Dont miss TSA. I know I won't. Oh my, what's behind this golden curtain? Oh, hello! Oh... Oh no! I've got to run now! Here they come! I hope to make the next review. No no! Dont pull on that leg, no wait... Yes, pull that!"


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